Fraud Notice

SmithBecker understands the importance of your privacy and security. We do not ask job candidates to:

  • pay any fee to work or to receive payment from us
  • make cash or check advancements to us or to any third party
  • cash checks from any sources
  • purchase any product, service, or gift cards
  • supply sensitive financial information such as credit card numbers or banking PIN numbers

We do not make job offers to candidates or request candidates to send applications through instant messaging services such as Telegram. We also will not ask for any government identification numbers, such as Social Security Numbers, banking or payment information on any instant messaging services. We will not post jobs on freelance platforms, such as Fiverr or Upwork, and will not connect with job applicants through such platforms.

We do not send or ask for money through mobile payment apps or digital wallet platforms, such as GCash, Skrill, Shopify, or Google Pay, and we will never make or request payments via cryptocurrency.

SmithBecker does not hire candidates for jobs in countries where we are not authorized to operate. Please click on the drop-down menu in the footer below to see the list of countries SmithBecker operates in.

Please be aware that if you receive any requests like the ones described above, it is likely a form of fraud. Please contact us if you think someone is using SmithBecker’s name to request this type of information.

What to do if you suspect fraud

Please contact our Customer Loyalty Team at if you receive any suspicious communications that reference SmithBecker or any of our practice groups. Suspicious communications include those asking for personal information or requesting to pay via email, instant messaging or social media.

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